Grace and Truth Ministries International

Welcome to Grace and Truth Ministries International!

The purpose of GTMI is to be an agency for churches and individuals to effectively support missionaries on the foreign fields of Romania, Moldova, India and Kenya with an emphasis of training, equipping, and supporting National  Missionaries in these needy countries.

What's our purpose?

The purpose of GTMI is to be an agency for churches and individuals to emphasize training, equipping and support of National Missionaries in the countries of Romania, Moldova, India and Kenya.

What's in a Name?

Grace and Truth is what is said of Jesus in John 1:14. It is our goal to have that balance in recognizing that we operate by the grace of God, without ever compromising the truth found in the Word of God.

What is our focus?

  • Church Planting
  • Training National Missionaries
  • Evangelism
  • Literature Distribution
  • Financial oversight and accountability for national pastors spreading the Gospel of Christ

Fred and Margie Canaday, GTMI Founder and President

In 1990, Fred Canaday, now GTMI's Founder and President, along with his wife, Margie, began traveling into Romania.  At first it was merely as an observer.  It soon became apparent that this was going to be Fred’s work and Ministry in his “retirement years”.  Fred was the President of a very successful roofing and insulation company, and Margie worked extensively in the daily office operations. He and his wife had traveled extensively as tourists; these travels included many “third world” countries.  Looking back, it is apparent that those travels were used of God to uniquely qualify Fred for the work in Romania.  More than the travels, however, was the background in ‘Local Church” ministry that prepared Fred and Margie for this work.

Fred was saved at the age of 9 in Johnston City, Illinois after hearing a message that concluded with an invitation from Rev. 3:20.  He served in many local church ministries in the next years including song-leading, teaching children and adults, being a local church education director over a Christian School, Pulpit Committee member and chairman, as well as being the chairman of a building committee. He also preached in nursing homes and in jails, was the Visitation Director in one church, preached in Christian Schools, and was speaking at many special occasions in the local church.  Fred Canaday was ordained as a missionary in 2001 by the Grace Baptist Church of Paris, Tennessee.

 From 1990 until 1997 the Canaday's continued to travel into Romania. The primary original purpose was to help with a building program in Viisoara. Soon though, Fred was preaching in local churches all over the Transylanian section of Romania. 

 In 1997 things changed.  Realizing the need for accountability and the umbrella of a mission organization, Fred began to work through Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries.  He was first elected to the Board of Directors, and later that year became the Field Director for Romania and Moldova.  Prior to that time BIEM had no ministry presence in either of these countries.

 In 1998 Fred relinquished his day to day operational oversight of his roofing and insulation company and began to travel more extensively into Romania and Moldova. After 11 years of serving with a mission board whose main focus was Eastern Europe, Fred was burdened with ministry to India seeing their need for evangelism, equipping of the pastors, and ministry to the saints in this very needy soil.  Out of this passion, Grace and Truth Ministries International was birthed in 2009. Fred continues to serve with the pastors of Romania and Moldova in their church planting, pastor training and evangelism ministries, and now also serves in the same way with Pastors and their flocks in India and Kenya, with a desire to reach the lost for Christ.

Gratefully, Fred has always served strictly on a voluntary basis with no financial remuneration for his services, pays for his own travel and hotel expenses; however funds are necessary to support the ministries and pastors who serve in the countries that GTMI oversees. 

The need for correct doctrine is great...can you help?

I’m more convinced all the time that the most lasting effect we can have on ministry in foreign lands is that of training pastors and Christian leaders. Yet, it is the hardest ministry to raise money for. There are hundreds of pastors in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Visiting Christian bookstores and looking on line for good theological books in their language of Telugu is very discouraging because of the limited selection. Yes evangelism is critical, building buildings is a positive step, Camp Ministry for young people is vital, but if we’re to see an expansion of true Biblical Christianity with correct doctrine, church polity, and proper balance, the ministry of Bible Institutes will have the longest and greatest impact I believe. In order to carry on these three vital schools in India, we need a total of $7500 per year.

In 2011, Margie and I did a survey trip of the Nation of Kenya at the invitation of Wycliffe Wakhungu. It became apparent that there is a great need for sound Biblical teaching in the western part of the country, particularly in Webuye. In 2012, GTMI was privileged to begin a new Bible Institute in Webuye. We registered 232 Pastors and Christian workers. It became apparent from the questions and comments from these students that there is a real void of sound, balanced Biblical teaching. We therefore want to continue at least 2 classes per year in the future.

We currently have past graduates pastoring churches in Romania, Moldova. GTMI has also, in cooperation with Nationals, planted 3 churches in India. We prayerfull anticipate that as our students graduate, that there will be scores of new churches planted in India and Kenya. If you can help with this ministry either by giving financially or by volunteering as a professor for a week, please email me at the above address or write. We really need to hear from some of you at this time.

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