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Persecution in Moldova

This just in from our Romanian missionary to Moldova, Marius Simionas. Please pray for this family. They are Romanian, have been in Moldova 12 years and now are being excluded for political reasons. Others as you can see below are suffering the same fate. Please pray for a good result for the elections on the 29th of July.

Dear Fred,
Some persecution recently started in Moldova.
In May, the govern took a decision as regards summer camps. They said it's forbidden to authorize camps that make propaganda (political, nationalistic or religious). On the basis of this decision, the Christion camps in Moldova are under massive checking, some camps were already closed, and the majority couldn't even start the summer program. We have informations that the authorities say if they let the Bible away, they can have camps without problems.

In June, four Jewish rabbies from Israel & Russia had in Chisinau reunions with the Jewish community and teach them about the Ortodox judaism, the danger of Christianity and the Messianic movement etc. The people was thretened that if they will have connections with the Christians, the support from International Jewish Concil will quit and they will loose the right to emigrate in Israel. Also, the intermarriages are unvalid and they must be disolved, no matter the situation. That's why on Saturday I was invited to encourage such a congregation. 

Also, because of the political crisis, my daughter Lioara can not register at the University. She can't obtain a visa for coming back in the country and without a fresh entry she can't obtain the living permit (necesary for the Univ registration). We still hope for a change through the new elections in this July, but the chances are really small.

May God bless you!


India Praise!!!

Thought I'd share the recent blessings from India. Please note the man who persecuted and injured our missionary has now come to Christ, through the prayer and testimnony of these dedicated Christians.
In Christ

 Dear Fred garu,
Greetings from Grace & Truth Ministries International India.  We thank you so much for placed us in your prayers.   We thank you so much for your regular support.  We have distributed your regular support on 16th of July, while I was in piduguralla.  I like to send our pastors June ministry report.  We are all praying for your coming soon.

We conducted the Gospel Crusade in Village of Gujjalagundla, Guntur district.  500 people came to the crusade during the night time though climate was raining.  We have worship and had preached the gospel of Christ.  That village pastor told me during the event God touched 10 people and they got baptized Amen.

We were invited to the gospel crusades in various places to preach the gospel so we have delivered the word of God to lead the people to the salvation.  This month, God has led 25 people to the salvation.   

Pastor Ruben ministry reports.  He shared his experience that he was beaten by the church attendant of which was fully drunk and stoned pastors many time during the worship time
Every day that fellow using abuse words but this pastor put in prayers about him.  God heard pastor payers and replied that the drunker accepted Jesus as his personal savior and got baptized by the pastor in Jesus name.  Now he is the member of our church.

Pastor Joseph Ministry reports, he delivered the word of God in two street preachings. God led seven people to the salvation.  He attended in his regular services.

Pastor  David ministry report—he did village evangelism.  During the night time, he stood on the corner of village and he delivered the word of God.  By this way, two people came to know Jesus as their personal saviour.  He did personal evangelism with 5 people. 

Pastor Raj kumar ministry----- he distributed gospel tracts.   And  his church was blessed with the people.  God touched many people with word of God.  he is attending hic church regularly. 

All of our pastors are praying for you and for Margie garu.  We are praying to hear Romania report.   And we are praying for your trip.  How is Margie garu leg?

Hi fred dad its Beaula, kindly tell  my greetings to my mum Margie gaur.

Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Mathews.