Grace and Truth 


Current needs

1. Church Building in Kenya is in Progress...see updates in Photo Gallery.  The need for completion of this multi-purpose building which will house the church, Bible Training Institute and Youth Events is approximately $3,700 as of March 4, 2023.

2. Bibles for Kenya - approximately $7 - $8 .Please help us to put the Word of God into the hands of new converts so they may grow in the grace and truth of Christ Jesus, and have sound doctrine.

3.Laptop computer for Lead National Pastor in India - approximately $500.

4. There is always an ongoing need to support the National Pastors in India, Kenya and in the Philippines.  We appreciated your tax deductible donations to Grace and Truth Ministries.  If you can take on the monthly support of one or more of our National Pastors in one of these countries, it is most appreciated.  They have previously been supported not only by the gifts of many individuals, but also a great deal by our Founder and President, Fred Canaday.  The need is great now to continue the work of the Gospel ministry and training of National Pastors in these fields.  The harvest truly is plenteous, and the need is immense.