Grace and Truth Ministries International

Current needs

1.  2 Church Buildings - $1500 - $2000 each - one in Visakhapatnam (Visag) and one in Achampet.

2. Funds needed for buying land in northern suburb of Visag (city of 1,500,000 and the fastest growing city of southeast Asia) - This is a matching fund effort with the Indian Nationals - funds needed by raised contributions is $7,000, and Indian Nationals will raise an equal amount.

3. Bibles for Kenya - $6.10 each

4. Laptop computer for National Pastor in Kenya - $250.

5.  Our goal of ministry is to train others to do the work of the ministry and as you can see good progress is ongoing. I need some financial help for this next trip. 4 weeks of schooling will cost around $4000 and very frankly we are short of that. Any gift at this time would really help. So pray and help as God directs.

6. Also Gregory needs a sound system and a camera for his work at a cost of around $220.

7. We need bibles in both India and Kenya as well. Gregory’s church needs at least 40 bibles at a cost of $6.10 each. Please help us get the Word of God into these new converts’ hands.