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Church Planting Ministry in Moldova

 Moldova is a very small country between Ukraine and Romania that is the poorest country in Europe. Here we need to continue to build on over 11 years of ministry by continuing the Bible Institute, church planting, and there is a great need to send charitable help by way of a container every year. We already have a training center and a building housing a local church. Other local churches have been planted, but there is a need to continue our efforts, with a new thrust into the area called Trans-nistria, which is an area still clinging to the old Soviet style of government. Persecution abounds in this area, with people trying to bring literature in being stopped, jailed, and all literature confiscated.

Church Planting Ministry in Duralesti/Chisinau Moldova

Marius Simionas, lead church planting pastor in Duralesti and Chisinau Moldova.  Marius' testimony and ministry updates to be posted here soon.

Church Planting Ministry/Food for the poor in Orhei Moldova

Boris Buiuc, Church Planting Pastor, Orhei Moldova  As stated in June 2009 report:

In Moldova GTMI supports a church planting pastor named Boris Buiuc. For the past few years he has had a food program for the poor children of the city of Orhei . The organization that was providing funds for this food program has informed pastor Buiuc that they can no longer do so, funds being unavailable. He and his wife and mother in law work hard to reach these young people and many have been saved. This feeding program has been one means of this outreach. The cost for one child is less than one dollar per day. As many as 40 kids come, but there are no funds available to continue. You can imagine pastor Buiuc’s heartbreak at having to turn these poor kids away. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe . Recently they’ve had an election with the communist’s again gaining majority rule. There has been rioting in the streets. If we could raise at least $400 per month for this program we could continue a reduced program, but one that would keep the doors open into the hearts and lives of these poor children.

Bible Institute in Moldova

 God is raising up and equipping men in Duralesti Moldova to be prepared to minister the Word of God to their own lives, and to the lives of their community and the church they serve in. We will be providing ministry updates of the Bible Institute in upcoming months.

We appreciate your sacrifice!

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We at GTMI know that we are facing tough times economically in the United States and therefore around the world. The Gospel continues to be preached, and the need for correct teaching is still there even in the worst of times. We want to thank you for continuing, or in some cases, beginning to support the God-honoring efforts of Grace and Truth Ministries International as we eagerly anticipate the coming of the Lord, and thus minister His Good News around the world.

If you have any questions, we would enjoy speaking with you. You may contact me at one of the phone numbers listed on the contact/support page of this site. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours this means that I am usually ministering overseas. In this case, please drop an email, and I'll be happy to get back to you when the time constraints of ministry allow me to.

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The need for correct doctrine is great! Can you help?

I’m more convinced all the time that the most lasting effect we can have on ministry in foreign lands is that of training pastors and Christian leaders. Yet, it is the hardest ministry to raise money for. There are hundreds of pastors in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Visiting Christian bookstores and looking on line for good theological books in their language of Telugu is very discouraging because of the limited selection. Yes evangelism is critical, building buildings is a positive step, Camp Ministry for young people is vital, but if we’re to see an expansion of true Biblical Christianity with correct doctrine, church polity, and proper balance, the ministry of Bible Institutes will have the longest and greatest impact I believe. In order to carry on these three vital schools in India, we need a total of $7500 per year.

In 2011, Margie and I did a survey trip of the Nation of Kenya at the invitation of Wycliffe Wakhungu. It became apparent that there is a great need for sound Biblical teaching in the western part of the country, particularly in Webuye. In 2012, GTMI was privileged to begin a new Bible Institute in Webuye. We registered 232 Pastors and Christian workers. It became apparent from the questions and comments from these students that there is a real void of sound, balanced Biblical teaching. We therefore want to continue at least 2 classes per year in the future.

We currently have past graduates pastoring churches in Romania, Moldova. GTMI has also, in cooperation with Nationals, planted 3 churches in India. We prayerfull anticipate that as our students graduate, that there will be scores of new churches planted in India and Kenya. If you can help with this ministry either by giving financially or by volunteering as a professor for a week, please email me at the above address or write. We really need to hear from some of you at this time.

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