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4th Quarter 2015 Report

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January 11, 2016

Dear praying and giving friends:

We have much to give thanks for as the year ends; two specific items include two of our sons going through heart issues, one a preventative double bypass, and his good recovery, the other of our oldest son, Steve who has had a heart attack, actually having to have his heart restarted twice, then a subdural hematoma and during the draining of that large pool of blood a stroke, leaving him unable to speak. Now he has recovered sufficiently to be able to speak some using one syllable words and perhaps soon to have the other heart procedures on 3 partially blocked arteries.

Margie and I have taken a trip to Kenya, where I taught Philippians and 1st Peter and we had 46 salvation decisions including one man in our hotel in Nairobi who trusted the Lord in a one on one session with me.

There are two URGENT needs there right now. One man that cooperates in our ministry and in fact hosted the last Bible Institute, has a son named Tunny, the young man has Lymphoma with a large growth on his neck that needs to be removed. He has been treated some with chemo, but now the doctors are saying that he needs to have that growth removed. They won’t do that without money in hand and the cost is $400. The other urgent need is a great opportunity we have to purchase around 1 ½ acres of land for an amount of $700. The land is right next to our church building and we need to acquire that land for expansion and also to prevent an unwanted or disruptive purchaser that would be so close. If you can help with either of these issues, please send you tax deductible gift to the above address, and if you have questions, write or call the cell phone listed above. God bless you as you pray about these needs.

After returning from Kenya to see about our son who had bypass surgery we took a trip to India for a month just returning the 15th of December. While there I taught the book of Hebrews and in evangelism had around 20 saved. That field is developing well under the leadership of 6 dedicated church planters.

Our plan for the first quarter of 2016 is to visit the Philippians for 3 weeks, launching a new school to train pastors. As you know by now the cost of conducting these bible classes is expensive, there, around $1500 per week. So we need to raise around $3000 for that. If you want to help in this, mark your gift accordingly.

Margie is doing fairly well, and travels quite well. Please pray for strength for both her and me as we seek to end our lives still carrying out the great commission with enthusiasm and fruitfulness.

God bless each of you and remember we can use your help at this time as we are laborers together with God.

In Christ’s serviceFred and Margie Canaday-GTMI

March 2013 Report

March 6, 2013

From Mumbai India:

I am leaving India tonight after a very fruitful 15 days in India, the last two trying to go to Kenya. Their election caused my flight to be cancelled, so rather than wait around any longer decided to come home and go there later in the year. The following are some highlights:

1.      First of all I want to thank Ben Bounds from Faith International Partners for partnering with me for 8 days of teaching a combined class of more than 60 students at Visakhapatnam India. We had pastors from Vijayawada, where we normally hold classes as well as from tribal areas and 5 pastors from one ministry in between. Together we taught 4 courses; Leadership and a course on overcoming obstacles in life, taught by Fred and The Fundamentals and Soul Winning and Evangelism by Ben. Tests were given and we await the results. As you can imagine this was very expensive and we are at least $1500 short of our budget for this last session. Please help if you can.


2.      On Saturday between the teaching sessions Ben, 4 Indian church planters and I traveled to Chintipali, a tribal area where we preached in 3 churches and laid the cornerstone for two new buildings being erected by the pastors in the area. We had a total of 10 professions of faith as well. See pictures attached for this trip.


 3.     As well as teaching, Ben and I also conducted Evangelistic Meetings every other night as well as holding Sunday Church meetings, each of us going to various areas of our ministry around Vishakhapatnam. In total we had 50 professions of faith.

4.      In what I would consider a “near miracle of healing” we were informed one of our student’s wives had contracted both Malaria and Typhoid Fever after having a hysterectomy at the hospital. The doctors offered “little hope”, yet all of us as well as some of you prayed and God saw fit to raise this lady up and she went home last Saturday from the hospital. One of our students traveled 200 kilometers to give blood as did some local pastors. All of her blood was exchanged and she immediately began to recover. 

5.      One of our church planters had a baptism while we were there for one convert. It’s always almost comical to see some young people swimming in these areas pause and watch and wait as we baptize.

6.      Our fund raising efforts to build a building near Visag are going well, with the congregants now having given 60,000 Indian Rupees. GTMI has committed itself to matching this fund, ($1200) we have a long way to go, but people are excited and giving. Please help with this effort as God directs.



Please pray for a safe journey home for both Ben and I and we’ll see some of you Sunday, God willing. One last thing, please pray about helping us raise support for two very fine church planters near Vishakhapatnam. They are doing a good job and can be supported for $60 per month each. Their names are JD Rao and Andrew Titus,  we will provide info as needed, including their applications and pictures.


In Christ


Fred W Canaday-President


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January 2013 Report

January 29, 2013

As I write this report I am preparing to leave for 4 weeks of ministry in India and Kenya. I will leave on the 17th of February, returning the 18thof March, Lord willing. Since my last newsletter 4 encouraging events have taken place in the ministry plus one personal celebration. On the 25th of January, Margie and I celebrated 49 years of marriage. What a blessing my wife has been, a faithful partner in ministry, traveling around the world even when her health was not so good and always having a great deal of pain from her leg which was broken in 1999 and then broken again in 2007. She has a rod in the right leg.

Now to the ministry report:

1. In Kenya one of our newest church planters, named Gregory Wangala, has had two things occur that I want to report. The first being a funeral he attended. It was one of his members father. Near the close of the service he was asked to speak and in his words, “on 19-20th this month God has done the miracles I had not experienced for we were in a funeral of my members father who is an SDA, THUS I happened to get a chance of ministering finally I invited those who would like to give their lives to Jesus applying what you taught me, thus 20 accepted but the church went against me by switching the instruments off. (sound system)Good news are, those who heard me preach persisted that I should minister burial day whereby 70 committed their lives to God”.

2. On the first anniversary of his church’s founding Gregory reports that he had 90 grown-ups and 55 children in the service.

3. In Rajole India, where we have one of our Bible Institutes, they had their annual meeting for 3 days with more than 1500 attending. They also had a youth meeting with many young people in attendance. This is an old historical church from the late 1800’s started by an English missionary.

4. Four of our church planters traveled around 300 kilometers to conduct services in a tribal area of India. They traveled to a number of villages preaching and encouraging pastors as well as giving the test for Daniel after reviewing the materials with them. They have very little education and as a result felt rushed and were unable to pass the test on Daniel. I insisted they re-take and pass before going to the next class which Ben Bounds and I will be conducting in February.

What a blessing these 4 things are to me. Our goal of ministry is to train others to do the work of the ministry and as you can see good progress is ongoing. I need some financial help for this next trip. 4 weeks of schooling will cost around $4000 and very frankly we are short of that. Any gift at this time would really help. So pray and help as God directs. Also Gregory needs a sound system and a camera for his work at a cost of around $220. We need bibles in both India and Kenya as well. Gregory’s church needs at least 40 bibles at a cost of $6.10 each. Please help us get the Word of God into these new converts’ hands.

In Christ

Fred W Canaday-President of GTMI

December 2012 report

December 21, 2012

Dear praying friends:

Merry Christmas to all of you: What a wonderful time of year it is.

Margie and I just returned from a very fruitful 3 ½ week trip to India. I want to share some highlights and prayer requests.

1. We conducted 3 Bible Institute sessions on the book of Daniel in three locations with around 100 total pastors in attendance. During the final one in Vishakhapatnam one man, though baptized realized he wasn’t saved, and trusted Christ. That same day two men surrendered to the “Gospel Ministry”.


2. During our three week stay we could conduct few evangelistic meetings but did a few with 32 people trusting Christ. One meeting was a semi-Christmas meeting. This is a tradition in India. We had about 200 in attendance in a very strong Hindu area. One woman has begun attending the church as a result. This was in Mangaligeri.

3. In Visakhapatnam we had a baptism for 4. I normally don’t baptize, but two of the candidates are the teenage sons of one of our church planters. One for sure had been saved in a meeting in which I preached, so the two boys were insistent.



 An interesting side note to that is that we then went to see a piece of property the church is praying about building a building on. They are now in a rented facility, with no room for growth. We prayed and challenged the men to raise 50% of the money and by faith I said we’d try to raise the other 50%. On the following day Pradeep, the oldest son who was baptized, gave 10,000 ($200) rupees for that project. He’s only 17 and has very little money. Maybe you could help us with this badly needed building project of which the first step is buying the land. If God so directs designate your gift for “Visag building” to the above address.

4. We have nearly completed a “Charitable Trust” in India, allowing us to work legally. It will also allow us to send such things as clothing, shoes, and bunk-beds for the orphanage we have a small part in. We want to gather sufficient items to fill a 40 foot container and ship it to India this summer. This is a big step of faith. If you can help with any items listed above or wish to donate to this project either call me or designate your gift to “Charitable Container.” I just received an Email from brother Zakkariah from the orphanage asking for $200 to feed the kids a Christmas meal; I’ve raised $100, could you provide the rest?

5. In Rajole we held a Bible Institute session and there I met a man who has started 7 churches among the upper caste. Now we don’t recognize caste, but they do there and it is such an unusual thing for someone to be able to reach this segment of the population.

6. Once again in February I’ll be going back to India to teach along with Ben Bounds from Metro Baptist in Goodlettsville. I’ll also go on to Kenya for a couple of weeks. Please begin to pray about helping with the school expenses for that trip. We need to raise around $4000. That’s $1000 for each week. Food, housing, syllabus, and transport. Please help with this as God directs.

I am enclosing some pictures. Hopefully you’ll be able to open them. I’ll mark under them what each represents. I’ll also include this letter on the body of an Email as some of you can’t open word documents. Once again, Margie and I send Christmas greetings and pray God will richly bless you in 2013.

Please pray about traveling with us in 2013 to teach or evangelize. If you’re interested let me know. Also I am available for Missions Conferences as well as weekend Mission Sundays. You can call me at the above phone.

In Christ’s great love

Fred and Margie Canaday GTMI

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october, november 2012 report

November 9, 2012

October/November Newsletter:

Dear Praying friends:

I write this latest newsletter as Margie and I prepare for a trip to India the day after Thanksgiving. It’s scheduled for a little over three weeks, returning a week before Christmas.

I am scheduled to teach a session of our Bible Institute in 3 different locations, one week each. During the evenings the plan includes evangelism on the streets as well as in local churches. We covet your prayers as we go, recognizing that we are dependent on Almighty God for His blessings. The following are a few recent blessings and prayer requests:

1. We’re thankful to hear of continuing growth of the work in the Kenyan fellowship we are working with. Recently after we had left, a woman who owned property that one of the churches was located on, decided she was the “SEER”, kicked the church out of the building, but praise the Lord Pastor Gregory Wangala and his congregation have moved to another location and there has already been a dedication launching the church in a new location. They have also launched a Sunday School as well which we encouraged along with Biblical leadership from 1 Timothy during our last visit. Please pray for this pastor and congregation. Brother Wangala will be one of our new church planting missionaries soon.

2. We’re looking forward to our annual Board of Directors meeting in Chicago next Tuesday. As I’ve reviewed the past year I am so thankful for the many souls that have been saved, the increase in giving as well. We are thankful for a recent gift to help with our school expenses, but we need to hear from some of you prior to our leaving to help us with the costs of the schools which are about $1000 per week. The hope of expanding the work in India as well as other mission locations is proper biblical training. We will train approximately 100 pastors in these next sessions. Think about the fact that the cost of this training is only $30 per week per pastor. Can you help us with that? We feel a great burden to help the church move forward Biblically with good doctrine and good practice. I’ll be teaching the book of Daniel, which will be the first teaching most have had on Eschatology. At our board meeting we will consider adding three church planting pastors.

3. We have identified a new location for a GTMI church plant. Pastor Devararaju has been working in an area just outside of Visakhapatnam. He is one of our students. In the past he has been greatly persecuted for the cause of Christ, suffering beatings, being dragged before the magistrates and other demeaning actions from the local population. We want to plant a church in this heavy Hindu area where they in fact train Hindus. It’s necessary to invade the areas of Satan’s influence and establish a beachhead for Christ’s church. Please pray and give as God directs. We need $60 per month to support this pastor.

4. In our schools we provide a translated manual for each pastor and they cost about $2.50 each. If you can help with that or providing bunk beds in an orphanage in Palakalu or some new clothing we would like to provide to the pastors who attend the classes we would be so thankful. For a cost of $6 we can buy both pants and shirt. What a buy that is. So as God blesses you and directs you to help please send your tax deductible gift to the above address along with directions where you want the gift applied.

Fred and Margie Canaday

Grace and Truth Ministries International

May/june report, 2012

Dear Praying friends:

Margie and I are busy preparing for our upcoming trip 9 week trip to India and Kenya. Until you’ve traveled to areas like this you don’t realize how many issues need to be dealt with. There are Visa’s, inoculations, (a lot of Polio in India as well as yellow fever in Kenya) travel schedules not only through the airlines, but hotels, and scheduling with your hosts. Besides this there must be preparation of all the teaching materials. This means translation into the native tongues, printing and binding of the books we leave with the pastors and Christian workers that we will teach. The question becomes why do we go?

First of all we recognize the call of God upon our lives that is evident from the many open doors for ministry. We turn down far more request than we fill. The second issue is the Great Commission. Has the whole world heard? Hardly! In fact consider what Luis Bush says, “Most of the people groups still unreached by the gospel live in places stretching across the maps of northern Africa and Asia. Christian mission’s strategist Luis Bush started calling this rectangular area or band: "the 10/40 window." He used that easy-to-remember name because it lies across Africa and Asia from 10 degrees latitude north of the equator to 40 degrees latitude north of the equator.” Besides this call there is the following statistic. “World evangelism statistics: Of the 55 least evangelized countries, 97% of their population lives within the Ten-Forty Window. Unless something changes soon, huge numbers of these unreached people will never hear the Gospel. Why? Well, Justin Long estimates that only about 10% of the global missionary force is working there Open evangelism is difficult and even impossible because of governmental restrictions in many 10/40 Window countries. Those are creative access areas.” What does he mean by creative? Many of these areas can only be reached by becoming an English teacher or using methods like small hand held devises that have the message of the gospel. These are just a few methods. All of these methods are expensive and require great patience.

Margie and I have the opportunity to go and openly share the gospel with the unreached of this area. Some of the challenges are daunting. How can you teach students who have no bible? It’s heartbreaking to see how few bibles there are in these areas. If God touches your heart to give for bibles, please do so soon. Your gift is tax deductible and more than that, desperately needed. Recently we have been able to provide close to 100 bibles in Kenya through the generous and sacrificial gifts of God’s people. We need to at least provide 300 more. The cost is $6.10 per bible. Whether your gift is great or small it’s valuable in God’s eyes. And what of teaching Pastors and Christian Workers? It cost approximately $800 for each week of teaching. Thank the Lord we recently heard from missionaries in another country who have a burden to help train Pastors in India and sent a generous gift to train 25 pastors for one week. We need to have at least $3200 more to conduct the other training sessions. Margie and I have spent weeks this spring getting old equipment that we used to use in business cleaned up in order to sell it to provide travel expenses. Thank the Lord we have raised the travel expense, but we are in great need of help for the schools and Bibles. If you can help, please call or send funds to the above address. We leave on July 3rd.

The need is great, Romans 10:14-15 says, “How then shall they call on Him, in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him in whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Please help us as God directs!

On a personal note, Margie has been through many tests that have all turned out clear. Tuesday she will have an MRI on her brain, please pray for that. We covet your prayers for spiritual power, physical protection, journeying mercy, and that many will be saved as well as the churches in these needy countries to be edified.

In Christ

Fred and Margie Canaday


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July 28, 2012


Margie and I have now been in India for nearly 4 weeks. It’s been very eventful, the following being a summary of our trip to this point.
We started our ministry in Visakhapatnam with evangelism, continuing with teaching 1st Peter in our Bible Institute and concluding with a visit to a dying woman who is the sister in law of one of our church planting missionaries. We thought it would be a visit to a bedside with an attempt to lead the woman to Christ, when it fact it turned out to be a preaching opportunity, with about 20 family members being there. 3 were saved that evening including the dying woman, her brother, and a nephew. We went away rejoicing.

From there we traveled to Tuny on Saturday, preaching in one of our student’s churches, where a number of women were saved, with 4 being immediately ready for baptism, then on to Rajole. There, it rained nearly every day preventing any evangelism, but we had 30 students participate in the first classes of our Bible Institute, studying New Testament Survey; a missionary couple from Croatia was the sponsor of that school. Making our way toward Rajahmundry, we held a Pastor’s conference in Pallokullu for 15 pastors. They also have an orphanage there. The long time sponsors of this orphanage have pulled support because of the pastor’s stand for Biblical truth; leaving them scrambling for resources to continue their much needed ministry to the poor and homeless. If you would like to help make up the deficit there please mark your gift, “orphanage”.
In Rajahmundry we had a Sunday morning service with 6 coming to Christ, and then we flew to Hyderabad in the afternoon.

On Monday morning I preached in a Pastor’s conference for 100, emphasizing 7 Hindrances to Success. On Monday and Tuesday evening we held evangelistic services in the same church that was very well attended, with 7 trusting the Lord on Tuesday eve.
We are now in Vijayawada where we began our ministry nearly 5 years ago. Last night we traveled 80 miles to conduct an outdoor meeting for one of GTMI’ s church planters, with 7 people professing faith. We returned at around midnight.
The remainder of our ministry in India will be here in Vijayawada and the surrounding villages, once again conducting a Bible Institute on 1st Peter as well as evangelism.

We will have a 4 day break before travelling on to Kenya for 3 weeks conducting our first Bible Institute classes for two weeks for the many untrained pastors in the Western part of that beautiful country. Below please see some ministry pictures
We certainly appreciate the prayers of all of you and your sacrificial giving that allows us to continue to help in this needy part of the 10/40 window. The schools we conduct for pastors cost between $800 and $1000 each depending on the number of students which we limit to 30. If you can help with some of these expenses we would be so thankful.

There is also a need to help build two small church buildings for our church planting pastors, each costing around $3000.

In Christ

Fred W Canaday-Founder and President
Grace and Truth Ministries International


 May 2, 2012

Greetings to all in the matchless name of Jesus:

Though we haven’t been on the mission field these past two months it’s been a very eventful time for our church planting missionaries. Following are some of the things that have taken place and some of the needs.

 Our new church plant on Snake Island near Vijayawada India is going well. They had their first baptism and continue to hold public meetings once a month. Jacob, and VJ, our two local church planters are collaborating in this work. Many others are helping including Jacob’s dad, a pastor, distributing tracts, making visits, and teaching discipleship classes. See picture #1 on page 2.

 JD and Titus, our church planters in the Visakhapatnam area also do work among the indigenous tribes in their area. They traveled together to minister in these tribal areas in March, conducting baptisms in two locations. Two of the men baptized were saved during our recent meeting in January and February.  See picture #2.

 We recently ordained a young pastor named Satyam who ministers in a remote village about 60 kilometers west of Vijayawada. He has been working as a church planter for the past two years. In the past I had baptized his converts, but on Easter he baptized three, himself.

We have been raising money for bibles in Kenya since we were there last September. Though the effort has been slow, we finally were able to send funds to purchase 50 bibles.

My understanding is that they were distributed last Sunday. I’ll show pictures in our next letter. We would like to be able to provide additional bibles, since there are only a few believers with bibles. Please help us with this effort, as God directs; $6.10 per bible.

 Margie and I are planning a trip to India and Kenya during July and August, teaching in three cities, in our Bible Institutes. In January and February we had the privilege of teaching 93 pastors and Christian workers. We anticipate at least that many again, which leads me to encourage your participation, both in prayer and financially. It costs about $800 for each session, which means we need to raise around $2500 for this effort. If you can help, please designate your gift accordingly.

 On a personal note, Margie just received a very good report after undergoing an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. Her Lymphoma remains in remission for which we praise the Lord.  

 I have been challenged by the verse in Daniel 11:32b,  but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. I wonder if that’s our goal, to do exploit’s for God? The challenge in the 1040 window, where more than a third of the world’s population lives, is overwhelming.  We need teachers, people who will pray, preach, and give. If God calls on you to help in our ministry, please call or write at the above address. All gifts are tax deductible and we particularly need to hear from you, our faithful supporters at this time.


In Christ

 Fred Canaday

GTMI President

 Photos are having a hard time uploadaing...if you would like to see, please email.  Thank you. 

FEBRUARY 2012 Report

March 2, 2012

                                                             February Report:

I have now returned from a three week trip to India; what an exciting and eventful trip it was. I want to share just a few of the highlights:

1.      Marius Simionas (GTMI Field Director for Romania/Moldova) and I had a very fruitful trip. We saw a total of 185 people profess faith in Christ.

2.      We preached in multiple outdoor and indoor meetings. Many of the meetings were on the streets. Two times we preached in areas that had never had a foreigner minister the gospel. One such meeting was on a housetop in a suburb of Visakhapatnam. I was not aware of the conditions in this community. Come to find out the pastor had been greatly persecuted, suffering multiple beatings as well as arrests. It is an area of Hindu temples and militant defenders of that religion. I have inserted a photo below of this pastor and his wife:

3.      In our last newsletter I mentioned the ordination of four new pastors in Vijayawada. After conducting a session of our Bible Institute in Visakhapatnam, we ordained 4 more pastors. We recognize this as a local church matter, but it’s obvious the churches in this part of India either don’t understand the need for ordination or have simply neglected this important duty. As a result one pastor in a tribal area had been serving 15 years without ordination. I had visited his church in the past finding him to be sound doctrinally and being greatly used of God to reach the lost and disciple believers. He still couldn’t baptize, dedicate babies, serve the Lord’s Supper, marry, or conduct funerals. So we now have 8 pastors associated with GTMI that have been ordained. We gathered an ordination council of 6 in Vijayawada and 5 in Visag. Please pray for these men, that they will continue in their faithful work as well as continuing their education in our Bible Institutes.

4.      During our three weeks of ministry we conducted three one week sessions of our Bible Institute in 3 locations, with a total of 93 students.

Most of these were pastors. We did have a few pastors’ wives as well as some Christian workers. Thank you to my home church, Metro Baptist, providing some of the much needed financial support for this vital ministry. I’m convinced the most important thing we do in India is train pastors in sound doctrine and church polity. We need help in this area with volunteers to help teach a one week course, provide financial support, and of course prayer support. If you can help please let me know at the above Email address or call if you wish to discuss any of the above. 



5.      We were also able to add our 6th church planter to the team while there. He is one of the newly ordained pastors and is in our Institute. His name is Vijay. Please pray for him and his new supporter. We have need of others to support men who are ready to join our team of national missionaries to Andhra Pradesh India. Any church, Sunday School class, home Bible study or individual may do so for $60 per month. If you can help let us know and send your tax deductible gift to the above address.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

In Christ

Fred W Canaday-President of GTMI



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February 6, 2012

Since I am in the middle of a mission trip to India this will serve as an interim report.

The first week here has been nothing short of miraculous. Teaching 23 pastors and Christian workers in our first session with two more weeks to go, seeing 112 people profess faith in our wonderful Lord and helping to ordain 4 pastors. Last night was the capstone; we went to an area I’d never been. There was an outdoor meeting arranged, with lights, sound system in a very large open area. At first there were not many there but as the music began the people began to come. At the invitation 41 responded, professing faith in Christ.

I have a partner to help this trip; GTMI’s long time missionary to Moldova, Marius Simionas met me here and has been a great help in the teaching and preaching. He is teaching a short survey of the Old Testament, primarily related to Messianic issues, while I have been teaching “New Testament Survey”. I thank the Lord for the very nice gift that came to help with these schools from my home church, Metro Baptist. Tomorrow morning we leave for a new location to teach around 25 pastors; then to a third location where we are expecting 30 more.

The ordination was really special. Four young pastors that GTMI works with came together in the local church where each of their congregations witnessed their ordination.

6 pastors including Marius and I participated. Three of the men’s fathers were on the counsel, being local pastors. Normally you don’t expect to have people saved in ordination services, but an invitation was given and 4 responded, really a surprise and blessing. We also presented bicycles to three of the new pastors.

With two more full weeks to go I ask you to pray for physical strength and stamina. I ask you also to consider helping repair one of our missionaries Motor Cycles. He had a wreck with his wife being seriously injured. She is recovering nicely, but we need $200 to repair the bike. We also need to provide more bicycles. They cost around $100 each. If you wish to help with these two issues please designate your gift accordingly and send to the above address. All gifts for the ministry are tax deductible. We appreciate your help.

 One last blessing: We went on to an island named “Snake Island” one evening and had an outdoor meeting. This is a new area of ministry. There were a number of decisions and we have decided to begin a new work at this location. Please pray for that. We still have 2 church planters unsupported and a third that we need to bring on board. These men can be fully supported for $60 per month. Please pray about helping in this matter. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.

 In Christ

Fred W Canaday-President of GTMI


Merry Christmas 2011

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Grace Gleanings

Margie and I along with Grace and Truth Ministries foreign missionaries want to send Christmas greetings to all of our prayer partners , friends and supporters. Christmas is such a wonderful time to share God’s love with others and we encourage all to do so. I was looking over last years Christmas greeting and noticed how optimistic I was, but almost immediately after writing that letter I had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery. In fact it was one year ago today. I’m pleased to say I’ve had a complete recovery and have spent a great deal of time on the mission field this year, teaching in our Bible Institutes, starting a new one in Visakhapatnam India. Margie and I have just returned from three months overseas a great deal of the time teaching and evangelizing in Kenya Africa and India.  We have added two missionaries to our team in India; these two men are candidates without support. I find it amazing that a missionary family can be fully supported for $60 per month and yet so little interest among churches and individuals to do so. We are called to be good stewards in God’s word. What better investment could we make than to support nationals who know the language and culture of a country. Instead too often we spend more than 100 thousand dollars to send Americans of whom it takes a minimum of 6 years before they can raise support and preach their first sermon in the native tongue, and they will really never learn the culture.

Truth’s Triumph’s and Trials

 One of the unpleasant tasks of a mission director is to dismiss missionaries. I had to do that this year because of a lack of accountability. As in all aspects of life, everything doesn’t go as planned. We must recognize the value of accountability and make sure it is being practiced. This should give assurance to all supporters and prayer warriors that we take our responsibility seriously.

Very recently one of our missionaries had a wreck on a motor cycle in India. His wife was on board as  well; she suffered a broken leg and a lot of cuts and bruises. Please pray for Sheila’s complete recovery.  The missionary, JD, has recovered and continues his church planting work in Visakhapatnam.

In Kenya one of the saddest scenes was preaching to many people who had no bible in their own native tongue. In fact  in one church where we ministered I asked all those who had a bible to hold them up, only two people could do so. We’re seeking to send 50 bibles to Kenya by Christmas, but need approximately $300  to do so.  If you can help, please designate your gift for “Kenyan Bibles.” Unfortunately each bible in  Swahili costs nearly $10.

We must remember the bible tells us “that all who live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” Probably nowhere is this more prevalent than in India.

Ministry Meanderings

 1.  Bible Institutes are an absolute essential if we are to train nationals. At this point we have 4 with the desire to start a fifth in Kenya. We must provide housing, transportation, food, and “Courses” in their native language. The minimum cost to hold a  one week session in India is $800. If God so directs please help  by designating your tax deductible gift  for Bible Institutes.

2.   Our lead church planter in Moldova will be travelling with me to India to teach in our schools in late January. We need to raise the support for his airfare, approximately $800. It’s a great blessing to have help; I’ve known Marius Simionas for 15 years and have found him to always be faithful and a very good bible student who will be a blessing to the church in India. He is also planning a trip to America this coming year. If you’d like to have him in your church to know what’s happening in the ministry in  Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, please let us know. He will travel, Lord willing in late spring. He is fluent in English and can be a blessing to your church or Sunday School class. We need to raise money for support and also to complete a building  that has been under construction since 2000. You may contact me at the above  phone or Email address. Check out our website as well.

3.    I also need to schedule some meetings in this coming year in churches in the USA for a service or a missions conference. I would present in person the needs as well as the great blessings of working in these mission fields God has called us to. It can also be a challenge to pastors and key workers to visit a field to teach or help evangelize. We would welcome your participation  in our ministry. On a personal note; Margie is doing well and we appreciate your continued prayers for her. She is cancer free and is getting around better. The breaking of her leg for the 2nd time a couple of years ago was  debilitating. She did very well on our last trip together, giving her testimony, and showing love to all as  she is so capable of doing. They love her on the field and I want to take her as often as finances and health allow.

Merry Christmas to all, we appreciate your friendship and partnership in the ministry.

 Fred and Margie Canaday-GTMI


November 2011

Nov 30, 2011

The mission trip is over but the results go on as I receive many reports from Kenya and India of God’s hand of blessing on the ministry in those countries as well as in Romania and Moldova. Christmas is a wonderful time to minister in these far off lands, with Romania and Romania not only celebrating the Western Christmas on December 25th, but also the Orthodox Christmas which is in early January. India is lit up with decorations on many streets, with our brothers and sisters there spending a lot of time for prayer time and then the final celebration on the 25th. Beth Moore wrote an interesting devotional comparing Christmas lighting and believers who partner together around the world to bring the gospel to the many needy countries. The quote is as follows:  “Believers in Christ are supposed to be completely connected, not in spite of our varied locations and vocations, but because of them....The divine idea for full-throttle function was that God's people would operate as one entity-or one body-in each generation. We're meant to be like multicolored Christmas lights attached to one electrical cord called the Holy Spirit and strung strategically all over the earth. Yep, millions of lights on one cord, with the guts to shine more brightly because we know that others are there" (Beth Moore, Voices of the Faithful, p. xvi). Margie and I will return home on the 8th of December completing a 3month trip, much of it devoted to evangelism and training of nationals in Kenya and in India. We have much to be thankful for as God has allowed us to effectively minister the word of God, seeing more than 100 come to Christ and seeing more than 100 pastors and Christian workers challenged in pastor’s conferences and then around 50 more in our two schools in India.

I will return to India, Lord willing for sessions of our 2 Bible Institutes in late January, this time I will be taking a missionary pastor from Moldova to help me teach. I have been involved in supporting this church planting pastor for the last 15 years. He is well educated and sound of doctrine. He also speaks English fluently. We could use some help with buying his ticket and obtaining his visa for India, the total cost being around $900. Also each session of our school costs around $800, please consider that in your year-end giving if God so directs.

I’m glad to report that our board has approved two more church planting missionaries in India at a cost of $60 per month. Now all we need is that support to get them started. They are in a new area of ministry in India called Viskhapatnam.  This is around 300 miles north of our other mission point where we have three supported missionaries. This is a city of more than a million people. Maybe your Sunday School class or even personally you could consider helping in any part of their support. If so please mark your giving accordingly.

One last request: We have highlighted the need for Bibles in Kenya the last two newsletters; we are still far from reaching our goal of sending 1000 bibles to these needy believers. We would like to send 50 bibles before Christmas, but are $300 short of being able to do so. Please help as God directs.

Thank you for partnering with us, don’t forget to visit our website listed above to keep up with the ministry of GTMI. We look forward to seeing many of you soon. Remember I am available for mission conferences and single mission emphases days. If you would like to schedule such a meeting, please let me know by phone or Emal, or even if you just want to discuss or ministry.

We’ll write again with Christmas greetings, but let me wish all of you a wonderful Christmas, and please consider traveling with us in the following year on one of our scheduled trips.

In Christ

Fred W. Canaday-President


October 2011

October 29, 2011
Margie and I have just completed more than 6 weeks of mission work in Kenya and India. We are now on a brief vacation, which we definitely need. Our health has remained good and we have seen some great victories on this trip. Just a few highlights and needs:
 1. As I previously reported we conducted Pastors and Christian Workers conferences in Kenya. You are always surprised as we were when people that are working in the  
    church come to Christ. 35 people in those 10 or 11 days did so. I hear from brother Wycliffe, whom we worked with and he informs me that the fruit of the meetings
    continues, with people still coming to Christ.
2. The two needs there are small buildings, made out of mud( picture attached in the file report) These can be built for $1000. Also there is a desperate need for bibles. We
    have raised a little money for this, but there is a great need to buy around 1000 bibles. The problem is that bibles in the native tongue are more than $9 per bible. Thank
    you to those who have given, there is an urgent need for more funds for providing the word of God in the language of the people.
3. In India we worked in a new ministry this time as well as the one we have worked with for some years. We arrived in Visakhapatnam on a Wednesday, rested one evening
   and started with an evangelistic meeting the next evening, where 17 people came to Christ. The following day we traveled some 3-4 hours to a tribal area, called Araku
   Valley. There we conducted 3 evangelistic meetings and one pastors conference. A total of 36 were saved in those meetings. Perhaps the greatest personal victory for Margie
   and I was when our driver who had been with us all of the time was saved in the meeting on Saturday night. He had been a Hindu, now he has Christ. He was so excited
   when I came back to the van, and said what a great speech (sermon), so I asked him if he had trusted Christ and he informed me in broken English that he had. (Picture on
   the attached report.
4. We started our Bible Institute on Monday with around 20-25 pastors, teaching the Pastoral Epistles. This is a new Institute with JD Prasad as the host pastor. The things that
    stand out in my mind about this school is that men came from many places and that one of the men sat in on the school all week and came to Christ on Friday afternoon
    at the end of our session. He had been very attentive, but not a pastor, rather a young man working in the church. (Picture on the attached report) We also held Sunday
    services with JD and another pastor, with one more person coming to Christ.
5. Monday we left for Vijayawada; this is the place we normally work. We had a little bit lighter week, with a few small evangelistic meetings, a womens conference on
   Saturday and regular services on Sunday, with a total of 13 people professing faith in Christ. We also had a baby dedication. They name the baby at the dedication. So they
   asked me to name the little girl. Anna Maria was the best I could come up with, in honor of my good friend in Moldova, whose family supports one of our missionaries
   in India. We also attended a baptismal service for two ladies on Saturday.
6. Monday through Friday we conducted our second Bible Institute. Again the Pastoral Epistles was taught. We conduct these sessions in our office in a suburb of Vijayawada.
    13 pastors and Christian workers took the test at the end with another man being unable to finish the week because of family difficulties.
7. On Sunday I preached in a church that has not seen any conversions since one of our missionaries and his father took it over a couple of years ago, but they have worked
    hard under difficult circumstances and on Sunday 8 professed faith in Christ, including some girls from a school nearby they have been working with. Also a regular
    atender and a man who can't speak, but can hear came at the invitation.
The needs in India are staggering from the need to find support for two more pastors at $60 per month, for bibles, a small sound system costing about $110; and the great cost of educating these pastors. Two sessions like we conducted costs between $1600-$2000. If you can help us with any of the needs as God directs, please send your tax deductible
gift to the name and address listed above.
I know many of you pray for us. This is of great encouragement to Margie and I and is the primary sustaining power of ministry. Please continue and we thank you for all that you do to help us take the gospel to the needy people in the 1040 window as well as Romania and Moldova.
In Christ
Fred W Canaday

Fred and Margie Out of Africa

Of course that's a tongue in cheek use of the movie title, but Margie and I will leave Nairobi Kenya today after 3 weeks in the country. The first week(Margie's 75 birthday gift) was seeing the wild animals of this beautiful country, and we were not disappointed, seeing all of the big 5, (Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lions, Leopards, and Rhino.) We traveled about 1500 kilometers by van, we being the only customer of this guide. It was a great time seeing the migration of around 5 million Wildebeast and 400,000 zebra's that migrate from the Sarengeti into the Maasai Mara every year at this time. For sure we didn't see all of the 5 million, but what vast herds we did see.
Beginning on the 16th of September we spent the next 11 days with a pastor named Wycliffe Wakungu. We were primarily here to encourage pastors and Christian workers, but found many in the meetings didn't really understand the "grace of God", so 35 people responded in faith to the gospel message during this intense teaching time. Margie testified most days and I preached and taught from 4 to 6 hours per day. One of the primary reasons for the lack of knowledge of the scripture here is that so few have a copy of the Bible in their own language. One meeting in particular was so sad as only 2 pastors had a complete Bible and 1 other a copy of the New Testament. The native language here is Swahilli. This language is spoken in many of the countries of eastern and central Africa. The big problem is that a complete copy of this translation costs $9 per Bible. This is a bible without a concordance, which they have none in their language. Could you please help us distribute as many Bibles as possible to these dear people who love the Lord, have such a joyful faith, attend faithfully, but are in darkness as far as the word of God is concerned. We would love to be able to give out 1000 bibles, knowing that would cost $9000. Yet that seems to be what the immediate need is. Maybe God will touch your heart to give to help. If so, please send your gift marked for African Bibles to Grace and Truth Ministries International, 2523 Grassland Shores, Gallatin TN 37066.
Just a few specific people, one in particular comes to mind. A very lovely 18 year old girl began coming to the meetings. Her name is Joyce and about the third day she made a decison to trust Christ. The next day she wanted to talk to us and said, since her decision she was so tempted and didn't know what to do. We counseled briefly with her and then I found a mentor for her, a woman named Valentine. She immediately took Joyce under her wing, began to counsel and encourage her. Valentine told me later that she spoke of suicide. About three days later Joyce came forward and truly surrendered her life to Christ, stating, "I have been transformed." We couldn't begin to give all of the wonderful accounts of the ministry here but thought I'd share
We're now off to India where we will spend the next 4 weeks. Two of those weeks will be spent teaching in two Bible Institutes where we trust that at least 50 pastors and Christian workers will come to hear the teaching on the Pastoral Epistles. Please pray for us. We could sure use some financial help for these schools, as it cost about $800 per week. If you want to help us please designate your gift as, "India Schools." That's all for now. Thanks so much for taking time to read the prayer letter and for praying for God's protective hand as well His blessings, allowing us to be fruitful in His Vineyard of Africa and now India.
In Christ
Fred and Margie Canaday

Merry Christmas from GTMI!

Grace Gleanings

Margie and I along with our 9  national missionaries want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a fruitful New Year. It has been a very productive year at GTMI as 100’s have come to Christ through our varied ministry outreach endeavors. We’ve also conducted 6 school sessions in our 3  Bible Institutes, training more than 70 students. I’ve had the opportunity to lead 2 couples to Christ by personal evangelism in Romania and one lady in India. This last trip to Romania/Moldova was particularly fruitful for that field with 62 people professing faith in Christ. The 2 schools, one in Moldova and one in Romania also had a larger and more enthusiastic  group. I was privileged to preach in 2 orphanages in Moldova with 60 young people professing faith in Christ. We have also been able to begin support for 2 additional missionaries in India. An interesting development to me, is that one of our missionaries to Moldova has begun supporting an Indian church planter. Obviously the people of Moldova are not rich, it is the poorest country in Europe, but nevertheless this brother in Christ is so burdened for the work in India that he and his family are willing to sacrifice to see the work in the needy country of India go forward. Would you please pray about using that as an example and helping another of the 5 missionaries in  India for $60 per month. A bible study group or Sunday School class could also easily do this.

Truth's Triumphs and Trials

Recently in Romania a church leader made the statement that those who come to our country preaching that you can be saved by “faith alone” are less than nothing. Instead he said that  they know that it must be “faith and works”.  Thankfully this man has left the church and moved away. This is the kind of heresy we run into often and therefore we have 3 Bible Institutes to correct such false teaching. Certainly every true believer recognizes that  good woks must follow salvation to prove that it is real faith, but to add works as a part of the salvation 

requirement  is to say that by our efforts we can add to Jesus’ atonement, when the bible makes it clear that “For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves , it is the gift  of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9. After that the scripture tells us “For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus , unto good works.” Verse 10a. So good works is a proof of conversion but not the cause.  There is a lot of confusion in India concerning  the Trinity, true grace, and baptismal regeneration. There is a lot of persecution continuing in many states of India, so please pray for  our brothers and sisters in Christ there. One last thing: In Moldova they have been under communism, but in the last election communism was defeated at the ballot box.

Ministry Meanderings


We have  broken ground to build a new “Christian Center” in Pidiguralla India. So far we have  raised $5000 for this project. The land where this church will be built is right in the  middle of a major housing development, so there is a great opportunity to reach those moving into this new area of development. We need around $3000 to be able to lay the foundation of a 60 x 40 2 story building that will house the Church, Bible Institute, offices, Sunday School rooms, kitchen, and a small apartment for the pastor and visiting guests.  Please pray about helping in this needy project. Any and all gifts are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.  We need support for our schools as well,  particularly in India. It cost approximately $800 per session to house, feed and transport  our 30 students by bus from  various areas of Andhra Pradesh. We also provide written courses for our students. Can you help us continue in this vital ministry?  Here at GTMI we recognize every gift is a sacrifice, and we are  dedicated to using it all wisely, ethically, and with scrupulous integrity. I am self supported, so none of the funds go toward travel food or lodging for myself or Margie as we travel.

Finally please pray fro our upcoming trip to India in January. Margie has been given a clean bill of health by the doctor to travel, so Lord willing we will leave around the 6th of January, returning the 31st. If any would like to go along and help teach and evangelize, please call or write me at the above address. It requires a visa so your plans would have to me made soon. Thank you for all the prayers that  have been said for Margie’s recovery from Lymphoma. Once again God has seen fit to sustain her for which we give  Him thanks.

Merry Christmas all.

In Christ’s service

Fred and Margie Canaday

Grace and Truth Ministries International 

“He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also, freely give us all things.” Romans 8:32

Address: 2523 Grassland Shores, Gallatin TN 37066

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November 2010 Report


Grace and Truth Ministries                                         Telephone: 615-824-8442
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November 2, 2010

Dear praying friends and supporters:
Above you will find three pictures of my recent visit to India. The one on the left is laying the corner stone of our building in Pidiguralla, which some of you have already given generously toward. We thank you for that. The center picture is the dedication of a small building at the side of the road where our missionary, Raj Kumar, (first from the left) ministers. At that dedication two of his sons were saved and later baptized at the same baptism, shown on the right above. The person being baptized in the picture on the right is Victor Syambo Nannepogu. He found out he had cancer about 6 months ago and has
been treated ever since. He is the oldest son of our lead church planter, has gone to church all of his life, but came to Christ at the first meeting conducted on this trip when I preached on the Prodigal son, with an emphasis on the son who was lost in the house.

The total number of professions of faith on this three week trip was 234. I also taught two courses in our Bible Institute that we inaugurated a year ago. I taught “Leadership”, using Nehemiah as the biblical model, and 2nd Timothy. We would like to encourage some of you pastors to go along on one of the next trips to teach. We had around 30 students. Margie and I plan to return to India in January, God willing.

The launching of a building program in Pidiguralla is not taken lightly. It will cost approximately $120,000. The building will house the church and school. Most of our students are from this area. So far we have raised $5000 and need another $3000 to get the foundation and first floor poured. I need to be able to provide those funds by January, so please pray and ask God what He would have you do. The building will be two stories, with school, kitchen, offices, Sunday school rooms and a small apartment on the ground floor. The upper level will house the sanctuary to seat around 400.
We have just taken on two more missionary church planters in India, bringing the total to 6. It costs only $60 per month to support a church planter there. Could you please help us with these and the cost of running the school there in India, where the cost is around $800 for every session?

I will be leaving for Romania on Monday the 8th of November for two weeks of teaching and evangelism. It would be great if some of you could join us on one of these mission trips in the future. If you’re interested please contact me at one of the above numbers or Email, for details. Check out our website to see what is happening in the ministry. 

God bless and thank you for your prayers and support.
In Christ

Fred W Canaday-President/GTMI



Fred is in India - August/September Report - October 4, 2010

India Final 2009 Report and on the way to Romania/Moldova

October Report, October 2, 2009

Dear praying friends:
I have now ministered in India for one week. Included in that ministry have been two pastor’s conferences, one of those today. We had 48 in the first one and around 100 today. It is around 7:30 in the evening as I write this and I’m leaving to preach in an evangelistic meeting very shortly. Some of the highlights are as follows and this will serve as My October prayer letter and report:

In many of the services 25 or more people respond to the gospel message and profess faith in Christ. There have been a total of 252 professions to date. Just a few interesting highlights:

1.      I was in a church 2 days ago; the meeting was in the early afternoon. It was our first meeting in this church this trip. It was the most difficult service since I’ve been over here. At the invitation almost all of the people stood indicating that they wanted to trust Christ. I noticed that some of those standing were leaders of that church. I began to weed out those who were only standing because their neighbor was. So only 7 remained standing at the end. I thought, “I’ve worn out my welcome here already”. That night we came back, the church was full. I began to preach on “The true grace of God”. About 10 minutes into the message the lights went out. I read the scripture with the aid of a cell phone light, and then preached from memory. A holy hush came over the place, and after a shorter than usual message 25 folks prayed the sinner’s prayer. It was like God stopped all the commotion and the people listened without moving around. As soon as we were finished the lights came back on.

2.      The children here are so beautiful. They welcome me so gladly with hands stretched out to touch a person of a different color and from a different country. I thought, “This is the way we’ll welcome Jesus when He comes back”. Not that there is any comparison in the importance of the Jesus versus me.

3.      At another meeting I preached on the demoniac of Gadara . Now you must realize with 330 million gods in a country, that there is also a lot of demonism. A woman began to shake all over. I stopped and prayed, she didn’t stop, I asked a fellow worker to come over and help her and finally she stopped. These are the kind of unique experiences you have in a country like India . God is at work here, but many fortune tellers hang around the services as well as they did in Paul’s day. Acts 16 .

4.      This is the rainy season, and it can really rain. The pastors and I have met almost every day and asked God to hold off the rain. We have not had a service rained out as yet. Most of the time we meet outside.

5.      On Monday we start our new Bible Institute with about 20 men signed up. I’m looking for a good week of instruction as I teach “New Testament Survey.” We’re in real need of support for this endeavor and also of teachers. If you as a pastor can dedicate a week in January, it would be a great blessing to have another teacher. If two of you will come, I’ll gladly let you teach and I’ll listen and help with the evangelism at night.

6.      As you can imagine, it’s very expensive to do this kind of work. Thanks to you who are support the work here and in Romania/Moldova. Please consider a one time gift or to begin monthly support. A national church planting pastor can be supported for $60 per month. Many Sunday School classes could easily support a church planter as well as some of you who God has blessed financially.

Please continue to pray for this ongoing ministry, I still have 10 days to be here, with evangelism and teaching.

Prayerfully submitted

Fred Canaday

Grace and Truth Ministries International

All gifts can be sent to the above address and marked for the ministry your interested in supporting. They are tax deductible. If you want to discuss the ministry or you’re interested in teaching or going on a mission trip with me, Email me, or call me when I return. Check out our Website at the above mentioned address and keep up with what’s happening and our doctrinal statement.

July - September Report (Romania, Moldova and Camp)

July 14, 2009

uly 14, 2009

Margie and I have now been here for two weeks. It has been a whirlwind of activities. First we drove all the way from Bucharest Romania to Chisinau, the capitol of Moldova , with a little car trouble along the way forcing an extra night on the road. We stopped and had a service at a small Baptist Church near the border where we were to leave some things for the camp. In that meeting one young lady 22 years old prayed to receive Christ, one of 7 over the next two weeks.

We then started our Bible Institute session in Moldova where I taught a course on New Testament Survey. Interestingly enough we had some lost people in the service and two were saved during these three sessions. On Saturday I preached in a house fellowship, twice on Sunday, and then we left Moldova for Romania Monday morning. Margie and I were given a one bedroom apartment to live in, free of charge, for which we praise the Lord for the 5 weeks here in Romania . On Tuesday we started a new Bible Institute in Madei Romania , which is near where the camp is. We had 9 new students register and I thought it was a very good start. One of our church planters, Marius Simionas taught a course on Bibliology and once again I taught New Testament Survey. On Sunday I preached twice and again a young man came to Christ in the morning service. So all in all it’s been a very fruitful two weeks. Soon we start the camp for teenagers.

Right now Margie and I are in Brasov for an Association meeting, I’ll meet with David Butts tomorrow, he is an American missionary here, since 1991. He and his son James run a camp in the mountains here and I wanted to see what they are doing and since they are supported by our church, Metro Baptist, I thought it appropriate to make a call.  Tonight, Friday, and Sunday we will minister in various churches in the western part of Romania and return next Monday to start the camp.

Please continue to pray for us; Safety on the roads, fruitfulness, and good weather for the camping time which will last through August if we can raise another $2500. If you can help us with that please make your check payable to Grace and Truth Ministries and mark the gift for "Romania Camp".

We now have a website so you can keep up with what’s happening in our ministries at the above Web address.

In Christ
Fred and Margie Canaday

June 24, 2009 - leaving for Romania and Moldova June 28!

 June 24, 2009

Just a brief report before Margie and I leave on the 28th for Romania and Moldova :

We want to praise the Lord for the funds that have come in for the camp. We now stand at $10,200 out of the $15,000 projected budget. We of course tighten the belt, and if necessary cut the camp by the necessary time to stay within funds received.

My daughter, Marcia, surprised me for Father’s Day by presenting me with a website for our ministry. She did all of the setup herself, what a blessing. Visit  www. Please visit regularly to stay up to date with what’s happening in our ministry to Romania, Moldova, and India. We will be making updates along the way.

Since my last report we’ve had an incident of persecution in India , where our missionary, Ruben was attacked by radical Hindu’s as he was returning home from a Gospel meeting. Though they attempted to kill him, he sustained a broken hand and was badly bruised. To the left is a picture of he and his dear family. Of course to the right, is a photo of his wounds after the attack. 

Please pray for Margie and I as we travel, for the 2 Bible Institute sessions in Romania and Moldova, as well as camp preparation and 6 weeks of youth camp in the beautiful mountains of eastern Romania . The last two years we have seen more than 20 come to Christ in each year, we’ve also been able to make inroads into the local community by holding evangelistic meetings at the camp each Sunday evening. During these sessions we get acquainted with the parents of our campers as well as many in the local community. We follow up with visitation the next week to encourage those who have trusted Christ and those who have attended but have not as yet decided for Christ.

Please pray for our missionary in Orhei Moldova who has recently been hospitalized with heart problems. He’s the one that was running a food program for young people, which has had to be dropped for lack of funding. He’s also planting a local church in Orhei. He was recently stoned by Orthodox Priests for ministering in their area.

 If you can help us reach our financial goal of $15,000 for the camp, please send your check to the above address marked for the camp in Romania .

 God willing Margie and I will be back in August and then go to India for a month beginning around the middle of September.

Thank you to those who have stood with us during this time.

In Christ  

Fred W. Canaday

Grace and Truth Ministries International


June 2009


June 1, 2009

 Dear friends and supporters:

We have much to be thankful for at this time. Our 501c3 has been finalized, which makes Grace and Truth Ministries a tax deductible organization. All gifts can now be sent directly to the above address. Checks should be made payable to Grace and Truth Ministries.

The second blessing is that Margie has been told by the doctor that she can travel overseas with me and we are busily preparing for our trip to Romania on June 28th. We will be staying in Romania for 6 weeks where we will operate the Youth Bible Camp in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Romania . Right now we have raised half of our budget for the camp and funds are needed to have sufficient resources to operate for the 6 full weeks. A total of $15,000 is needed of which we have raised $7600. If God touches your heart to give please do so at this time. If you have questions you may call me at either of the above numbers or email me. We will also be starting a new Bible Institute in the same area and have 12 men ready to start a 4 year program of study in preparation for ministry. This school like our school in India and Moldova will be operated on a modular basis, 4 times a year the men and some women come together for intense study for one week. We supply food, syllabus, and in some cases housing for that week, so we need funds to continue such a needy ministry. Without proper training we continually see doctrinal error and improper church polity followed. If you can help us with these expenses please mark your gift accordingly.

One last burden I want to share at this time. In Moldova we support a church planting pastor named Boris Buiuc. For the past few years he has had a food program for the poor children of the city of Orhei . The organization that was providing funds for this food program has informed pastor Buiuc that they can no longer do so, funds being unavailable. He and his wife and mother in law work hard to reach these young people and many have been saved. This feeding program has been one means of this outreach. The cost for one child is less than one dollar per day. As many as 40 kids come, but there are no funds available to continue. You can imagine pastor Buiuc’s heartbreak at having to turn these poor kids away. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe . Recently they’ve had an election with the communist’s again gaining majority rule. There has been rioting in the streets. If we could raise at least $400 per month for this program we could continue a reduced program, but one that would keep the doors open into the hearts and lives of these poor children. If you can help, let me know and mark your gift accordingly. There are great needs at this time and I know many in America have suffered set backs financially. All mission agencies are struggling. We covet your prayers and we also could use teachers for our new Bible Institute in Romania and India .

Below are a few pictures showing our various ministries.

God bless each of you, please pray for us as we seek to reach the unevangelized of India, Romania, and Moldova .

In Christ

Fred and Margie Canaday