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Church Planting Ministry in Mediesul-Aurit Romania

Danut Blaj, Church Planting Pastor, Mediesul-Aurit Romania   Danut's testimony and ministry updates will be posted here soon. 


Church Planting Ministry and Bible Institute, Farcasa Romania

In Romania we have identified one area of the country that has only 2 evangelical churches in an area approximately 80 miles long. There are 100 villages on both sides of the beautiful Bistritsa River in this 80 mile stretch. We already operate Mountain Air Bible Camp right in the heart of this area. There, we are ready to start a 4 year Bible Institute operated on a modular basis, holding 4 sessions per year for one intensely concentrated week each session. We have 12 men ready to start this 4 year program of study in preparation for ministry. This school like our school in India and Moldova will be operated on a modular basis. 4 times a year the men and some women come together for intense study for one week. We supply food, syllabus, and in some cases housing for that week, so we need funds to continue such a needy ministry. Without proper training we continually see doctrinal error and improper church polity followed. If you can help us with these expenses please mark your gift accordingly. In the Bistritsa Valley of Romania we are attempting to plant new churches in the various villages, with an emphasis on house churches with the few Christian Families located there. But there is a great lack of trained leadership, maturity, and doctrinal clarity. Our goal, as an agent of the local church is to help  train men learn in a school that still allows them to work at their normal job.

Mountain Air Bible Camp, Farcasa Romania

We are grateful for the ministry that God has allowed us to be a part of with children and teens from all walks of life, including children from a local orphanage. This camp has been used of God to change lives, we pray in a lasting and eternal way. Our goal is to run the camp each year for six weeks. Sometimes this is possible, and other times, financial restraints hinder that. GTMI would like to consistently, God willing remain a constant in this area as a place for young people to come to hear about the love of Jesus each year.

Right now God has provided half of the budget needed for the camp to operate, and funds are needed to have sufficient resources to operate for the 6 full weeks. A total of $15,000 is needed of which we have raised $10,200. If God touches your heart to give please do so at this time. If you have questions you may call me at either of the numbers on the contact page or email him at